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Website Speed DOES Matter

It's true, Google is telling us that Website Speed DOES Matter!

It's something that you'll never hear most SEOs speak about, website speed DOES matter to your ranking. That's right, Google places it into the "user experience" category. And literally, every day user experience is becoming more and more important to Google.

Page speed is no joke to Google but many SEOs just don't understand it - so they don't address it. Want proof that this is becoming a MAJOR ranking factor? Look here Google has actually developed a server level module to do nothing but speed websites up. Yes, they developed it themselves.

Or how about this page here, it's Google's own website speed test. Yes, they developed a test to see how fast your website is. The point is, this DOES matter and it's more so every day.

Since we live just 60 miles North of Denver, we thought we'd run a nice little test and look at the top three search results for Denver SEO firm and see who's aware of and making the changes required to actually rank customers as they should be.

Remember, all of these people have been around for a long time and basically achieved their ranking a long time ago when things were MUCH easier. It's fairly easy to hold on to that old ranking at this point. But remember, your website has to be ranked now, with today's requirements - and that's what we'll be testing a bit here. Do these companies understand what Google is looking for TODAY!

This first image is taken from, a very well respected online website performance grading website.

Website Speed DOES Matter

The first site in that list is ours, the site you are on now. Look how our webserver and website performance completely out perform the other three websites, none of them even come close. Our page is actually bigger in content than two of them (bigger in content in theory should take longer to deliver) yet we still out perform them. And we have been able to keep our total number of HTTP request lower significantly.

Let's take a look at what Google's, notoriously difficult to please, PageSpeed Insights test tells us.


As you can see in the above images, Google's Page Speed system agrees with the other test. Not only that, we are the only website who didn't get a red result for mobile and we are the only website that got a green for desktop!

Not only that but we are the ONLY website out of the bunch that got a 100/100 for mobile user experience from Google. Something that Google is placing a lot of weight on now!

So please remember, the point is that website speed DOES matter and Google is watching and testing. When you choose your SEP provider, pick an SEO provider who understands the new age of technical SEO requirements and make sure that they make the time and take the effort to optimize your website for those requirements.