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We provide so much more than just SEO services, please read the many testimonials below!

We have had many incredible opportunities to work with a great number of amazing people over the years, here are just some of them and what they have to say about us!

When it comes to knowledge, experience, and cutting-edge awareness of all things regarding Internet Marketing, Garret is your best bet.
PenDell PittmanOne Big Office
It’s a privilege to work with Garret. His knowledge and dedication to help others make him a wonderful gift to the community. I’m blessed to have crossed paths with Garret and am enjoying his outstanding mentoring.
Marilyn HartigIndependent Consultant at Visalus Sciences
Garret brings an exceptional knowledge base to the table and is able to convey it in a way that is very beneficial to the individuals who are lucky enough to attend his meetups. I highly recommended him.
Chad MadenwaldAccount Manager-Outside Sales
Garret has a broad and expert knowledge of internet marketing methods, with a keen eye toward business opportunities and how to exploit them quickly and effectively. I have learned much and increased my profits by working with Garret.
Ray FranklinEngineer at Avionics Specialists LLC
Garret is very knowledgeable about computer technology and Internet Marketing strategies, especially those involving technology. I know Garret from his Meet-up Group, IM (Internet Marketing) Dogs, where he generously shares a great deal of his information, including “real life” examples and case studies.
Dale DanielOnline Marketing Strategist at WebMagicMarketing, LLC
Garret is someone who knows what to do in internet marketing and cuts through the chase to deliver results that are guaranteed. Thank you Garret for all your free workshops in Fort Collins and willing to share all your expertise.
Mary Kay Malcolm, MBAProfessional Sales Executive
Garret is one of those unique individuals that really gets the job done. He has an exceptional ability to balance many projects at once, keeping each of them moving forward toward a successful outcome. He is an incredible resource for me, bringing a great depth knowledge, an ability to communicate that knowledge effectively, and a track record of real world proven successes, time after time.
Alan StruthersPresident at Studio Artha
I worked for Garret for 4 years at Ruffdogs. Garret’s a guy who can get things done. After successfully running and managing a small software development shop for 10 years, I’m confident in his ability to see any development project through successfully to completion. I also really enjoyed working for him at Ruffdogs. The skills I learned on the job at Ruffdogs have been and will be an immense help in my future careers
Chris RobinsonSenior Software Engineer
I think of Garret as an extremely smart and hard-working individual. I consider him a TRUE expert in the Linux development community. As a leader, he is completely involved with the people, devoted to success, and very savvy about the technical and business aspects of his projects. I completely enjoy working with Garret. It’s rewarding to work with someone that brings great (big) ideas, shares with others, and motivates people around him to contribute and succeed. I hope someday to work with him again. If our paths don’t cross professionally, I’m sure I’ll read about him or his contributions to the IT world.
Larry HerzlichAccount Manager-Outside Sales
Garret is an extremely knowledgeable professional who is able to teach others his vast knowledge of web marketing. He is the only person I have known that can put the knowledge in layman’s terms that reaches a diverse audience of both amateurs and experienced web/internet marketers. He also brings a great sense of humor to meetings, which helps with the sometimes dry material. Garret can truly work with anyone to achieve a high level of success.
Martha BergsRepresentative/Insurance Agent with Mutual of Omaha
Garret is our point man for all things internet marketing. He has helped us to understand the process of marketing products and information online effectively. We’ve hired him as a mentor, and were pleased with the one on one assistance we received. His classes and products offer tremendous value, and we recommend them to anyone who can attend!
Gary BlackdenOwner GTS Therapeutics, LLC
Garret is a visionary in the internet marketing arena. He has taken his knowledge and developed an effective platform for sharing it through the mentoring of others. I thoroughly enjoy the IM Dogs Meet Up group, and always leave inspired. Thank you Garret.
Colleen BroersmaHealth and Productivity Management Consultant
Garret has the strongest work ethic of anyone I have ever worked with. He is willing to do whatever it takes to make his company or his customer successful. In our most recent consulting engagement, his work with the customer singularly ensured success for the customer’s new product line and positioned our company as a valuable, reliable partner they can turn to in the future. Garret is very knowledgeable in hardware, software, operating system technologies, and the world of open source, and he is able to develop creative and innovative solutions in rapid fashion.
Dan WilliamsProduct Manager at Capital One
Garret not only possesses the long range perspective that is critical in the creative, visionary process, but he also understands the nuances involved with managing a project. He truly has a can/will do attitude and approaches challenges head-on and instills that drive into his subordinates, pushing them to new levels of skill and vision. Very early in my career at Holonyx I felt that I may have gotten in over my head with a project and expressed those concerns to Garret. His response was simple, and like all things “Garret”–powerful. He told me, “There is one thing that we do here better than anything, and that’s develop great developers. Stick with me and you will be a better developer than you ever dreamed of being, and I can absolutely guarantee that.” I stuck it out and have had the opportunity to work with Garret on a handful of projects and through his leadership and head-strong optimism, I HAVE come to a level of knowledge I wouldn’t have believed was possible for myself.
Michael WailesDigital Intelligence Analyst | Interactive Developer
I’ve worked with Garret in two contexts: as a business partner, he and his company provided engineering bandwidth to increase the amount of testing my group was able to do. After that, Garret came into my group as the acting manager for one of my teams. He did a great job working with the team, and handling the day-to-day details that I was dropping. He did it with a great attitude under difficult circumstances. I’ve found Garret to be sensible, focused on the right goals, honest, and easy to work with. I’d hire him in a minute, if I had the ability to
Aimee WillozDirector of Test Engineering , Xiotech
Garret has proven to be an excellent resource as we launched both the open source and commercial versions of our product. Garret and his team did an excellent job at ensuring that we were able to achieve the results and visibility associated with our product launches.
John WeberChief Technology Officer at Long Range Systems, LLC
Garret is a seasoned veteran in the Linux world. He is a great resource for getting questions answered and problems solved quickly. Garret is a pleasure to work with and I recommend him for any business venture that can benefit from his vast technical expertise.
Jeff NicholsonTechnologist & Director, SW Applications Engineering , Xiotech Corporation
I have had the pleasure of working with Garret on a number of occasions. He has demonstrated that he has that rare combination or both technical and business expertise and communicates well with customers. He has the utmost integrity and has displayed the ability to drive every project to completion. Garret is a true professional and I look forward to our next project together.
Jeff MartinStorage Architect at Dell
Garret is one of the most sincere, hard working, focused people I know. He’s intelligent, humorous and great at leading and managing people to their success. I would work with Garret on any project any time!
Marty KoenigCFO Colorado, Partner , B2B CFO®
Garrett is an excellent engineer and a great leader. He helped me with the setup of my VMWare system and was very knowledgeable. I would love to work with Garrett again.
Sean HartlingAdvanced Support Engineer , Xiotech
Garret is a top notch person and executive. His insight into software development initiatives and impact on an organization is second to none. Great guy to work with.
Wade B WestonFounder , AttainResponse
Garret was a excellent professional to work for. His knowledge of the business, the open source environment and the Linux Operating System was very thorough. I learned something new every day. I would recommend Garret for any IT, software or web project you may have.
Todd Levi BrownSales / Web Development
Garret is a guru within the Linux community which proved very valuable to introducing a new product into the market. He and his company were also valuable in testing the quality and compatibility of the new product outside of Linux. I highly recommend Garret and Holonyx.
Tim HershbergerRegional Sales Manager at Skyline Products, Inc.
Garret is a top notch person and executive. His insight into software development initiatives and impact on an organization is second to none. Great guy to work with.
Roger KelleyPrincipal Architect , Xiotech
Garrett was good to work with, and was able to guide a complicated project through all of the expected and unexpected complications that arose. He maintained focus and guided the team effort on to the next step. I would not hesitate to recomend Garret and Holonyx,Inc
Jim NuttOwner at NTB Insurance Associates
Garret’s IT expertise and straight forward approach to progressive business practices make him a strong business partner and a solid addition to any personal and business network.
Jeffrey ShankSales Manager/Regional Manager
Over many years, I’ve collaborated with Garret on numerous projects ranging from custom software solutions to network implementations. Garret, along with his expansive technical resources, allows for completion of any project. I look forward to our next project.
Jay DouglasPrincipal Technologist
Garret may be the most intelligent person I have ever met. While I worked with Garret, he continually brought new software products to the table for review and commercialization. Many of these inventions were in fact brought to market during the year we worked together.
Todd KerrHearts in Motion LLC
Garret was very proactive in recognizing the problems faced by Ruffdogs and in attempting to identify strategies for addressing those problems. Ultimately, he was able to make the hard decisions necessary to ensure that shareholders interests were protected. He is very thoughtful and very focused and would be an asset at any company.
Gary AmatoAttorney and Business Consultant
Never short on innovative ideas, Garret is a great guy to work with. He has his finger on the pulse of what’s going to be the next big thing and has the ability to see how to take advantage of opportunities presented by the latest trends, particularly in the realm of open source software and technologies.
Ryan BlumeWeb Application Developer
I can recommend Garret based on multiple working relationships with him As a board member for a charter school my responsibility was to find a company and hire them to migrate our computer system from the Microsoft operating system and programs to Linux. Garret’s company performed very well (better than our teachers did receiving the change). I then worked for Garret as a consultant and found him intelligent and very knowledgeable and easy to work for. This led to my employment as corporate counsel for the company that bought his company. Garret has great integrity, a wide ranging depth of knowledge in many fields of business however I believe one of his biggest strengths is finding business solutions though technology. Bottom line, I highly recommend Garret for any kind of business solution that requires technology.
W. Jim PowersPresident at Powers Consulting, LLC
While working at Creative Communications and Consulting, as a VAR we tested and released Ruffdogs’ products, and depended on them for support. Garret and my relationship grew, and when I outgrew the company I was working for, he offered me the position of a lifetime, and I took it.I was offered the position on a Friday, and left Pennsylvania and headed for Colorado on the following Monday. Garret as a friend and a boss never let me down. I spent the next 18 months growing as a technician, and everything I learned while on projects working for Garret have proven invaluable to me. He gave me the chance of a lifetime, and helped to turn me into the administrator that I am today. Thanks to Garret I had the opportunity to work with technologies that continue to help me and the company I work for to this day, saving us tens of thousands of dollars in licensing by going with Linux, Asterisk, and other FOSS alternatives. If given the opportunity, I’d work for or with Garret again, as nobody before or since has seen the potential in me and given me the chance as he has.
Steven BradyNetwork Administrator at Saval Foodservice
I have worked with Garret on multiple software development projects and business initiatives. I have found Garret to be professional, adept, and effective in fulfilling the Project Scope in a timely manner and within budget! I strongly recommend Garret and his proficiency in various development, consultant, and project management roles.
Robert P. RodriguezSenior Account Executive at X-IO Technologies
I’ve worked with Garret on a number of projects and I have always found him to be motivated, professional and highly effective. Highly recommended!
Jeff ColemanPresident , Resource Strategies, Inc.
I have worked with Garret in several software projects, and know him as a talented, knowledgeable person with a great commitment to whatever he is working on.
Daniel Andre EikelandSystem developer at Redpill Linpro AS
Garret managed the company effectively and efficiently during his time as President of Community Funded. He did a great job of transitioning us through a period of growth in both the size of our development team and the bringing on of new clients.
Blue HovatterPrivate Math Tutor at
I have been supremely privileged to work with Garret Acott. In the role of CTO and President, Garret helped our small team of intensely passionate founders transition into an operating business able to fuse big ideas with intelligent implementation. Our company would not be where it is today without Garret’s technical abilities and genuine passion for “The Big C” in "Community Funded.
Ryan StoverFounder, Community Funded & Natural Productions
Based on my experience at Community Funded Garett's strong suite is management in a technical environment, especially software. This includes financial, marketing, and operations. Not much overhead - just cut to the chase...
Sam SoltFounder and Principal at Angelfish-Group, LLC
Garret is brilliant, capable and reasonable, and a joy to work with. His incredible breadth of knowledge, expertise and ideas are a great asset. He's able to manage a high volume of fast-changing circumstances with real talent.
Maria WinnieCommunity Manager at Community Funded
I had the immense pleasure of working under Garret as the President of Community Funded. Garret is one of the most exceptional leaders I have had the privilege of working with in my professional career. Garret is very talented at managing people at discovering the strengths of those he manages and bringing out their best qualities for the good of the company as a whole. He is also extremely skilled at prioritizing the most important tasks and making sure what needs to get done is getting done in an efficient and productive manner. As President, he brought the company farther in a few months than it had gone since its inception. He is truly a pleasure to work with and knows how to get done what needs to get done!
Jill Wallace de BritoCommunity Manager at Community Funded
I came to Garret for help with my websites page load speed time as it was running a little slow. Garret took a look at my site and quickly suggested what needed to be done to increase the overall site speed. He also suggested what could be done on different budget levels and was completely open and honest with me. After agreeing the best approach to take, he then quickly and professionally proceeded to implement his tactics to increase the site speed, the job was done within 24 hours and the results have been fantastic. I could no be happier with his service and would recommend him to anyone increase their website page load speed. Thanks again Garret.
Pros4GolfersProfessional Golfer
This is a totally unsolicitoired testimomial for Garret Acott who I have known on FB for some time and we have traded a few messages in the past. However today he went above and beyond, a bit like a close friend would have done. I had some real IT issues amd Garret came in, took a great approach to the problem and eased us from a lot of stress and hassle with his support. Thanks Garret, people need to know about you.
David PoolCognac, France
Garret is a fabulous website manager and SEO director. Many local business owners have told me that he is the "best in the business", and he is the BEST. All of us at Living Arts Wellness value his expertise and integrity and feel extremely fortunate to have him on our team. Thank you Garret!
Celeste MagnusonOwner and Massage Therapist at Living Arts Wellness
Garret is a digital marketing genius and really knows search engine marketing. Garret is extremely knowledgeable and should be consulted before launching your next digital campaign!
Art LovellLovell Media Group LLC