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Reputation SEO is a Real Thing!

Remember way back in the day, when the old timers used to say, "a man is only as good as his word"? Or "my reputation is everything"? Or any of about a dozen other sayings directly related to reputation? Well, welcome to the new you!

Reputation is becoming EVERYTHING online. Google relies on it to a great degree and keeps moving more and more into that direction. Many SEOs keep preaching backlinks (and they should because they work), but the reality is that backlinks are just the end result of what actually works. The signals that backlinks send are based 100% on reputation.

Baclinks are based on the idea that somebody has found value in what you have on your website - and they link to it. The more people who link, the greater your reputation. 

So why don't we just say "we do backlinks" rather than reputation SEO? Because there is a whole lot more involved than just backlinks. Now we have all sorts of websites out there that are focused on "rating" other companies, or people for that matter. And the days of relying on the BBB as the keeper of your reputation have gone to the wayside. Now we have sites like, rip off report and the many, may other websites like it. Where if people put something negative about you online, it's basically guaranteed to get ranked.

The idea of this is pretty staggering all by itself but service providers, attorneys, doctors, accountants etc, REALLY rely on their reputations for business. And it gets even worse, it's quite simple for somebody with a little online knowledge, to totally smear your reputation without ever having to back it up or prove it. And don't think a lawsuit puts and end to it, those days are long gone as well. Many of these online resources refuse to take pages down with anything short of a court order.

We specialize in protecting your online reputation, and more importantly, getting it back for you. That's what we do better than ANYBODY in the industry. And we do it all quietly, without fanfare and with a non-disclosure. That's right, your secrets are safe with us, we will tell NOBODY about the work we have done for you.

And to be clear, yes, if there is some nastiness about you online, we will make it go away, period.

Give us a call at 970-556-8075 and let's get your online reputation fixed, starting today.