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What Is Optimized Website Hosting?

And Why Should You Care?

Optimized website hosting is a web hosting environment set up specifically for high performance delivery of a website to the browser. Of course the question is often asked "shouldn't all hosting do this"? In our opinion, yes - but most hosting falls VERY short of this.

Why Don't All Hosting Companies Provide Optimized Hosting?

The truth is, just like hosting, not all websites are created equal. Different kinds of websites require different types of optimization. And if you are a large corporation with 1000's of servers, each running  100s of websites, well it would just be too hard and to expensive to optimize for everybody.

At the core of the issue is shared hosting. Shared hosting is hosting that allows for the 100s of websites per one server. While shared hosting makes sense for the hosting company and yes, even customers who are only concerned about budget, it's the worse choice most companies could make.

Shared hosting is "lowest common denominator hosting". That means that the hosting environment is set up to make sure that no matter what kind of website you have, it will work for you. So, it works for pretty much everybody and is optimized for nobody.

It's a fact, Google DOES want to see optimized website hosting. In fact they are pushing it so hard that they have developed part of their ranking algorithm around it! Not only that, they have developed their own test for it, found here, and they have also developed their own web server module for it! Google is serious about your website's performance, you should be too!

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What About Optimized WordPress Hosting?

There are a few companies out there who offer optimized WordPress hosting, or "hosting designed especially for WordPress". A few of these companies actually deliver on the promise but most fall quite short, and the reason is simple. Many of the WordPress optimized hosting companies ALSO use shared hosting, to cut down their costs and increase their margins.

By offering shared WordPress hosting, these "WordPress optimized" hosting companies have placed themselves in the same trap as other shared hosting. It HAS to be configured for the lowest common denominator. 

Even worse, many of them restrict what you can and can't do with your own WordPress installation, in order to raise the bar on that lowest common denominator. So instead of offering optimized WordPress hosting, they are now offering "limited" WordPress hosting.

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So What's The Answer To Both Optimized Website Hosting And Optimized WordPress Hosting?

The solution for both issues is the exact same, a dedicated hosting platform configure your your specific needs. We have found that most people with websites, even with multiple websites, generally have one primary configuration that would apply across all of their websites. Most people pick one platform and stick with it.

We address the issues by create a VPS (virtual private server) optimized specifically for the customer. By doing this we can keep cost way under what a dedicated server would cost and STILL deliver the kind of server and website performance that will do noting but help their Google rankings.

On this page we also display three examples of customers we have done this for and the performance gains that we achieved on their behalf.

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Better Performance = Better Ranking

Don't forget, better website performance equates to better ranking with Google and of course better sales .

If you'd like more information about how we can help you with YOUR web-server performance, just hit the contact link above of CLICK HERE!