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Online and Internet Marketing Is Actually What SEO Is!

online and Internet Marketing

It's true, most people don't realize that search engine optimization is actually a form of online marketing and it absolutely is. Just like with any other type of marketing, the goal is to get you seen and get you business!

Internet marketing has been morphed into a whole different sub-category over the years. Internet marketing is generally associated with products that are sold online, primarily digital products. Although all sorts of physical products are sold through internet marketing as well, mostly it's digital products.

We started in 1998 with web design and SEO, when it really was just known as a part of online marketing. But it was years later that  we noticed internet Marketing and started to become interested in that.

We started our internet Marketing Business in earnest in 2009 when we started The Tempered Group, a company of ours that focuses on high end internet Marketing solutions.

It was in 2009 that we created our own first internet marketing product and we were hooked from there on out. That product performed so well that it caught the eye of a number of high earning internet marketers. They weren't so interested in the product itself but rather us, the people who created the product.

From there we started to plan, design and build large internet marketing products for other marketers. We developed the entire system from start to finish, including product funnels, email campaigns, the product websites, product branding, the product itself and the affiliate system.

Since our own first internet marketing product, we have developed close to 100 products of our own and for other professional marketers. You will not find another SEO centric company anywhere that has the depth and abilities as Visional Marketing. We understand how online marketing, internet marketing and SEO fit and work together.

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