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The truth is that most SEO companies don't understand the differences between Local SEO Services and Organic SEO services. Local SEO services are generally focused on what used to be called Google maps, then places, and now known as the "7 Pack".

The reason it's called the 7 Pack, or seven pack, is that as you can see to the right, it displays seven results. The truth is that at times it also displays one, three and ten results as well depending on the market niche but it most commonly displays seven results.

As a local business, it's an absolute must to rank in the seven pack as this is where 70% of the local Google search traffic comes from!

Visional Marketing has been performing local SEO services for years now. We know 100% exactly what it take to rank in the local seven pack and our customers generally rank for multiple terms.

If you are a company that does local business, give us a call and we will get you the kind of ranking your local company deserves.
Google local SEO results
Local SEO has become a huge sub category of SEO over all. Every day Google places more and more weight toward localized results. This means that they are basically always looking for local results before global based results! Local first, then country, then global. Even Moz, the primary resource for "all things SEO" now dedicates a huge section of their website to local SEO

The fact that Google continues to push in this direction opens up all possibilities for local bushiness. Local ranking combined with a good Google + business page and strong local citations can mean a 70% increase of your online business! 

Don't ignore your local rankings because Google is not.